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Services & Fees

Basic Services

Bills of Sales, Lease Agreements, Insurance forms, Travel forms, Contracts and Invoices, Consent Forms, School and College Forms, Work Authorization Forms.


We notarize single documents and/or document packages requiring notarial certificates. Travel fees are in addition to fees for notarial acts. The fee for a single notarization is $6 (per TGC 406.024).
Travel fees are in addition to fees for notarial acts. (see below).​

Upon confirmation of your appointment, we will discuss your specific needs in regards to documents, identification, witnesses, and the type of service requested.


Our NNA certified Notary Signing Agent is available for out-of-office loan signing appointments.
Service includes appointment scheduling/confirmation with signer(s), printing of document packages, professional presentation of the loan package to obtain all required signatures/initials, notarization of all required documents, courier of signed document package for shipping, or to local Title office. High-quality scanned docs available on request.
Fees vary depending on specific loan type and location, please contact us for an estimate.


We can notarize your Estate Planning Documents and will provide you with an estimate for the package on request.


Initial Consultation

We will ask you the following questions:

  • What type of document do you need notarized?

  • Who will be signing?

  • Do they have a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport?

  • Is the signer competent to sign the document voluntarily?

  • Does the document include notarial wording?

  • If not, do you know what type of notarial act you need?

  • Does the document specify that witnesses are required?

  • When & where would you like the appointment to occur?

  • We will provide you a fee estimate and offer you an appointment time; upon acceptance of the appointment terms we will send you a confirmation email.

​Prior To Your Appointment

Now that we have confirmed time and location for your appointment, take these steps to ensure your notarization can be completed successfully.

  • ​Mark the appointment on your calendar

  • Gather all documents which will need to be notarized

  • Review documents with signer (if you are scheduling on behalf of someone else) to ensure they understand the content and wish to sign

  • Complete any blank sections on the documents, however, DO NOT sign the documents until you are in the presence of the notary

  • Arrange for witnesses to be present, if required.

  • If witnesses are required and you do not have them, please let us know to provide you with witnesses at an additional cost.

  • Locate valid photo ID for signers

  • Decide which payment method you will use and prepare accordingly

Your Appointment

  • All signers. witnesses, and notary should be at the scheduled appointment location and ready to begin on time

  • Have your documents out and ready, your notary will need to look at these to determine the type of notarial act to be performed and if a loose notarial certificate will need to be attached to your documents

  • Your notary will ask to see identification for all signers and witnesses involved in the transaction, please have it readily available

  • Your notary will document the notarial act in a journal and notarize your documents after the necessary steps are completed for each document

  • Payment is expected at the time of service and our notary services are guaranteed

We thank you for your business!

We want your appointment to be completed smoothly without any stress for you, that’s why we will take a few minutes to discuss your particular situation and needs and address any concerns you may have ahead of time.

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